Elementary Playground Rules

(Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades)

   The staff member on duty will walk and patrol the entire area of the playground throughout their duty.  All staff members are expected to address inappropriate behavior of any student on the playground.

1.  Students are expected to keep themselves and others safe while playing at recess.
      a.  One-handed touch football may be played.  (NO tackle football)
      b.  Swings:
            -sitting only
            -no twisting or underdogs
            -no doubles
       c.  No snowballs, sliding on ice, hitting, fighting, shoving, poking, tripping, or
            playing that becomes too rough and may cause harm to other people or 
       d.  Restricted areas that are off limits:  bike racks, metal boxes, snow hills,
            and ice patches.

2.  Students are expected to show respect to all adults and to each other:
       a.  When responding to an adult's request, be cooperative, polite and truthful.
       b.  No spitting, swearing, or name calling.
       c.  When the bell rings, line up quickly and quietly.

3.  Students are expected to remain within the playground boundaries so they may
      be supervised.
       a.  All students must stay on the blacktop and under the overhang.
       b.  Students must ask permission to retrieve toys.
       c.  Students must ask permission to enter the building during recess time.

4.  Students are expected to keep warm and dry.
       a.  Warm coats, hats, and mittens must be worn in cold weather.
       b.  Snow pants must be worn to play on the ground in the snow.
       c.  Any students not wearing snow boots is restricted to play under the 
       d.  In rainy weather, students may be restricted to playing under the overhang.
       e.  Students may not play in or around puddles.

     Discipline will be handled by the recess teachers.  Disrespect for authority or disregard for rules and regulations will result in disciplinary actions for the

     There is no supervision before and after school.  Children should not arrive
before 8:00 a.m. unless eating breakfast and must leave when dismissed at 3:05 p.m.
PM Kindergarten should not arrive before 12:00.



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